Entrepreneurial skills across borders

So you’re at college and decided to do an internship?


Then you decided to do the internship abroad?


Finally you decided to do your internship in a SME so that you could have easier access to the entrepreneur behind it all?


But do you process all that experience just by being there? In the Uni-Key project we are developing an online experience which will help you to reflect and make more sense of what is going on around you as well as helping you to recognize the opportunities you have for extending your network and bridging the gap between your university and your host organization perhaps by a bit of knowledge transfer.

I’ll be presenting a session on how we built the Uni-Key online course for foreign interns in SMEs on Monday 12th November at 18:00 GMT as part of the free week-long Global Education Conference 2012. Join me if

  • you want to learn more,
  • you think you would like to join our second pilot in March 2013,
  • you would like an internship
  • you can give us some feedback on diversity, gender, intercultural and global issues which we are running across in our course development work.

I’ll be uploading my slides to Slideshare after the event and you can also chat with me here before or after the event.

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