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We’ve widened access to our podcast still further by creating a YouTube channel for Absolutely Intercultural. The latest show all about getting paid to teach English in China is out now. The YouTube option allows us to include more images when these are relevant. This was certainly the case for the first show we put on YouTube which featured some of the amazing art created to combat human trafficking. Unfortunately, getting what is still a 95% audio experience onto YouTube is not straightforward.

Initially I thought we could simply use the slideshow option in YouTube but this only allows you to use audio from a pre-determined selection of music rather than your own audio track. So I thought, no problem, I’ll just use the option to make a multimedia podcast that comes as part of the Hindenburg editing software I use to put together the shows. Wrong again! This produces a AAC file which is compatible for iTunes but not for YouTube. So the only option remaining is to make a movie in MovieMaker where it does not really matter that when you upload the final result to YouTube the visuals and audio are synced slightly differently to what you intended.

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