CCD for start-ups

Pilot course

Are you in the middle of an IT degree?

Or working in a technical department with a feeling that something could be done more efficiently?

Would you like to learn how to build a business plan around your idea?

The new Erasmus project, code-named dCCD FLITE, will be offering a free 8-week online course in 2014 in which business employees and IT undergraduates or recent graduates will be invited to work together to develop an idea into a business plan. The members of your team don’t even have to be in the same country as you will be working online.

We will be offering

  • A free 8 week online course
  • Training in ConCurrent Design for honing a start-up idea
  • Personal development skills using the Business Model You framework
  • Business planning skills using the iterative Business Model Generation framework
  • A matching service so that teams will include both business and university participants
  • A mobile app to help you apply the ConCurrent Design approach
  • Self-directed learning to reflect the entrepreneurial skills needed for business planning

In our first meeting in London in November we took a look at the adapted CCD framework which we will be applying in the project and we also took part in a short brainstorming exercise about what needs to be included in the course given the dilemma that we want to promote self-directed learning but that SDL can’t be planned, only facilitated!


ConCurrent Design has already been transferred from an engineering context (NASA) to an elearning design context. Can we now use CCD to help people in companies and undergraduates explore start-up possibilities?  By the autumn of 2014 we will be offering an open online course which will match employees and undergraduates to explore promising new discoveries as start-ups. See below how CCD is used in the aeronautical industry.

dCCD stands for distributed ConCurrent Design and refers to the ConCurrent Design approach when it is conducted online. FLITE stands for Framework for e-Learning in IT Entrepreneurship. We are using CCD to design a course about CCD!We also need a catchy name!

The project consortium includes business and university partners from Slovenia, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, the UK, Norway and Denmark.

We are looking for possible participants as well as interested volunteer external advisors for our Quality Board. Could that be you?

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