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Free online course 9th April-21st July

If you are running a household somewhere in Europe and wondering how far that experience could take you in a business of your own then why not sign up to the free M-HOUSE course, Business Skills Explorer? All you need to do is write a short email by March 31st to europa@ccitabel.com explaining why you want to join.

What’s in it for me?

  1. An opportunity to practice your English
  2. An opportunity to think about and plan your professional development with the support of your peers and tutors.
  3. A chance to learn more about the basics of how business works.
  4. An opportunity to meet (virtually) a group of people from all over Europe in similar situations.
  5. A chance to win a trip to Brussels in the autumn.
  6. Badges for all the parts of the course that you complete

Running a household overlaps with business

This is not a business-planning course but it will help you to connect the experience you have in running your home to the equivalent skills that are needed in business.

Win a trip to Brussels!

The course takes you through 8 modules starting April 9th and finishing July 21st. If you do well there is even the chance of a prize of a trip to Brussels in the autumn later this year.

Course content

Here’s what you will be doing over the 8 modules of the course:

Module Title From home to business
Make yourself at home Looking after guests (customer care)
Make your dream come true! Organising the trip of a lifetime (Business mission)
Plan it! Do it! Organising a social event (completing a business project)
In search of value Making a big purchase (use of resources)
Move & take-off Moving house (starting a new business)
Balancing the books Dealing with fluctuating income
Problem solved! Handling conflict
Branding yourself Thinking about a new business idea

What will you do on the course?

We are trying to make the course as friendly as possible. You will be meeting participants from all over Europe who will be sharing their experiences. We will ask you to talk to people you know and report back. We will ask you to do a bit of Internet research about, for example, shopping for an expensive item such as a car. We will also introduce you to some useful tools used in business which you might also find useful in running your home. We expect that you can do the course on a variety of devices so whatever you have to hand whether it is a laptop, tablet or Smartphone should be OK to complete the course. If you get stuck our friendly tutors will help you out.


See the project leaflet here or see more on our website here. The course is free while we trial it. And if you participate, the only thing we ask is that you stay to the end and answer a few questions about the experience during and after. If nothing else, it is a wonderful opportunity to practice your English!

The project is supported by the European Union Lifelong Learning programme, the Grundtvig strand and this is why we are able to offer the course for free during a limited period.

How do you get on? Write a short email in English to europa@ccitabel.com where you tell them why you would love to take part! But hurry, recruitment stops March 31st and we have a limited number of places!

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