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Once all the piloting is done, the M-HOUSE project intends to make its course materials freely available. One of the constant elements in each of the 8 modules is a video introduction. The course modules are shown in the table below and where the module title is linked this leads to that module’s intro video.

Module Title From home to business
Your guest is your customer Looking after guests (customer care)
Make your dream come true! Organising the trip of a lifetime (Business mission)
Plan it! Do it! Organising a social event (completing a business project)
In search of value Making a big purchase (use of resources)
Move & take-off Moving house (starting a new business)
Get the budget balanced Dealing with fluctuating income
Problem solved! Handling conflict
Brand yourself Thinking about a new business idea


Here is the intro for ‘Plan It! Do it!’ a module in which participants must work together to plan an event.

If you or your institution are interested in these materials either in whole or in part then you can contact me directly or contact the project via the website. The materials will also include advice on implementing the course as a facilitator.

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