Framing as a CRT strategy

man-1202408_1920Although we want to be inclusive by using Culturally Responsive Teaching approaches, we still need to make the framework in which we are operating clear to all. We want to avoid unnecessary missteps that lead to embarrassment or worse.

Therefore framing is a helpful strategy. Framing is about the anticipation of intercultural differences and deciding to make some of these clear and non-negotiable from the start. Obviously it will be a fine balance between too much framing and still promoting inclusion and gaining advantage from diversity.

This article describes a workplace example. And we heard of a couple of examples in Absolutely Intercultural’s Show 196 Alexandra Haas mentioned that mixed gender and nationality classes were non-negotiable, while Jennifer Apave talked about punctuality and acceptable behaviour in the classroom.

  • So what would/do you frame?
  • How much would your framing vary from group to group?
  • How much framing and what type needs to be done at an institutional level?

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