Short or long?

Intercultural training has traditionally relied on intensive and often residential courses lasting up to a week. But is there a place for shorter, more targeted interventions while still at the work place? George Simons, who devised the Diversophy game which is often deployed in the long trainings, has been musing on this and plans to come up with some suggestions for what he calls Practica in the very near future.

I had the honour of being able to talk with George Simons of Diversophy recently to talk about his new version of the Diversophy game which is aimed at helping migrants and host communities understand each other better (catch the podcast from August 5th). It was a wide-ranging discussion and the concept of Practica was an interesting side path.

These would be short exercises that can be immediately applied. Watch the 5-minute discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of long and short trainings in the video above.

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