Visioning exercise

Below is a sample exercise for the ProfESus course “Be my Sustainable Guest” which would be part of an online unit exploring the potential for Futures Thinking.

This is a visioning exercise. In order to complete it you will need

  • a blank sheet of paper or work on a device
  • a specific project in mind about how to promote a sustainable mindset in your students

Now follow the instructions in this 7 minute recording

Upload the one-page results to the Visioning Forum and then give constructive feedback to at least two of your study group colleagues. In your feedback, concentrate especially on the Next Steps section of the exercise.

Credit: Adapted from National School Reform Faculty protocol Back to the Future

By this stage course participants will have started to think about an action research project but it will not be fully formed. Therefore an exercise such as this, even if it is carried out around a project idea which in the end they do not carry out will still have value in showing a strategy for thinking about future goals and which could be used with their own students in connection with a specific sustainability goal.

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