Restaurant Moment: a case study in sustainability

In the last post I illustrated an example of a case study focusing on one specific topic, the running of Restaurant Moment, a unique gastronomical experiment in Denmark. In fact that segment was part of a much longer interview which I present in its entirety here.

There will be some cases where taking the whole interview is the best pedagogical option, perhaps for a larger project or to demonstrate the interdependence of all the decision areas involved in running such a restaurant.

The interview is just inder 50 minutes long and covers the following topics:

  • A description of the physical aspects of the location and what makes it sustainable and innovative (transcript)
  • Why the restaurant is vegetarian and why that word does not appear in the website and promotional material
  • The menu, how innovative it is and why the restaurant does not tend to do signature dishes and rely on recipes
  • How the restaurant is run and necessary staff competences (transcript)
  • Future projects which might include exploring new fermented drinks
  • The real vision behind Restaurant Moment (the restaurant is not the main purpose of the restaurant)
  • Whether you can make a living out of a sustainable restaurant
  • Where Denmark lies on the spectrum of vegetarianism and should we not rather talk of ethical eating?

Transcripts are not available for the whole interview since this is a very time-consuming task to produce even with the help of such tools as this. The effort is warranted if you expect people with English as a Foreign Language to be studying your course materials in order to reduce potential barriers.

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