Free course: teaching a sustainable mindset

Teaching a sustainable mindset – for future-thinking professionals in guest-oriented businesses


You explore the pedagogies that can help you build a sustainable mindset in your students. Help your students uncover sustainable work routines in their chosen career. The ProfEsus blended learning course held over 5 months with both face to face elements and online activity will include:

  • Strategies and thinking for sustainable futures
  • Trying out action research
  • Pedagogies and competences for a sustainable mindset
  • Lesson planning
  • Adjusting the curriculum


You could benefit from the course if you are:

  • A teacher of vocational training for guest-oriented work who would like your students to work more sustainably or
  • An expert in teacher training
  • An interested person in education for sustainable development / for sustainable consumption and production
  • Linked to one of the Prof E Sus partners or member of IFHE (you can join here).
  • Open to trying new ways of working
  • Willing to work to support course colleagues across borders
  • Willing and able to work in English


Sustainability is becoming mainstream teachers should use innovative tools to help their students work more sustainably especially if they did their teacher training several years ago. Businesses are becoming more sustainable and the legal framework demands more and more sustainable action through increased standards and regulations. So teachers and trainers preparing students to enter guest-oriented careers need, not only to keep up, but to cultivate attitudes that anticipate and creatively meet these new conditions.


“Teaching a sustainable mindset – for future-thinking professionals in guest-oriented businesses” is a blended course with face to face and online sections including:

  • Experiential approaches
  • Peer coaching and assessment

It consists of 4 modules covering …

Module 1: Focus on sustainability – dimensions of sustainable thinking, which lead to a sustainable mindset
Module 2: Education for sustainability – discovering appropriate pedagogies and strategies
Module 3: Teaching/training for sustainability – planning and carrying out your sample lesson
Module 4: Evaluation and future plans


First presence phase: Vienna , Austria Dates 26 Feb – 2 Mar 2018

Online phase: Dates 5 March – 8 June 2018

Second presence phase: Helsinki, Finland Dates 11 June – 15 June 2018

How much time will it take?

The course is equivalent to 8 ECVETS/ECTS

The face to face modules will be 40 hours over 5 days each.

The online modules will take about 7 hours per week over 12 weeks with a break for Easter

How much does it cost?


There are no course fees, plus there will be an allowance to pay for travel, accommodation and subsistence from EU funds as long as you complete the necessary documentation.


Is it really free?
You will get a small allowance from the EU to cover your travel, accommodation and subsistence. If you want higher standards than this allows then you or your institution will have to pay the difference. The Proejct ProfEsus also cannot cover the cost of substitute teachers while you are away on the two 5-day face to face sessions in Austria and Finland.  Note that the course will also cost your time and attention!

Is there a deadline?
December 11, 2017

Can this course be recognised as part of my current studies?
You will have to negotiate with your institution before you start to see if it will be recognised by them.

Can I do just one part of the course?
No, because each section of the course builds on the previous part. If you start the course and do not complete it, you may have to refund us the costs of those parts which you already completed. However, once we have piloted the course you will be able to consult the content free of charge.

Do I need to be teaching to do this course?
Yes, you need to be able to try out a pedagogical plan that you develop sometime in May 2018 so make sure that you will have access to a class or group of trainees you can experiment on at this time.

How will I learn?
The ProfEsus Course will be using experiential and project-based learning approaches which mean that you will be constantly relating the course materials to your own classes and curricula. You will be trying out ideas with your own students and supporting course colleagues from across Europe in their reflections through peer assessment and feedback and in small group work.

Can I do the course in my own language?
You are welcome to think in your own language, make notes in it and even complete some of the tasks in your own native tongue. But you need to be able to share your thinking with your tutor and your course colleagues in English in order to get the most out of this course.

Where do I find more information?
Prof E Sus

How do I apply?
Complete this form

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