Essential questions about learning

I will shortly be leading an exercise on the theme of learning. I have come up with the following essential questions about learning. Wondering if this is a good collection and whether I am missing something.

Essential questions
1. How do we promote fact-based learning? Whose facts? Or is fake news OK?
2. How do we promote the education of girls and women globally given that educating females is the 6th most effective way of combatting global warming according to Project Drawdown.
3. Educated people are the ones with the most responsibility for global warming so can the planet survive even more educated people?
4. What are universities for?
5. What would your ideal curriculum look like if you were educational planners starting from scratch?
6. What was your best learning experience (not necessarily in a formal education setting)? Can you use that to lay out what some best practices are for effective learning?
7. Can children learn what they need to learn without schools? Is school just a glorified child-minding service?
8. What would happen to learning and knowledge if civilisation collapsed? (No more Internet, random selection of books survives).
9. If learning is a human instinct from birth, what are the implications?
10. What works in learning? eg Hattie effect sizes
11. Should governments provide universal free education? Is the UN right to continue advocating universal free education as a basic human right?

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