Apr 212015
IELTS nuts and bolts

While it may be very exciting to hear about new tech applications or about initiatives in far-flung parts of the world or even about ground-breaking pedagogical approaches, there will always be a place for learning more about the bread and butter of TEFL, ie teaching English, or, in this case, preparing students for a very […]

Apr 202015
Not just language

While mobile devices are frowned on in some contexts, in others they are the ONLY option for delivering learning. Mike Solly from the UK’s Open University described how migrant workers from Bangladesh spend long periods, usually in the Middle East but also South Korea and elsewhere, working to send remittances to their family. However, they are […]

Apr 192015
Is M-HOUSE a CLIL course?

Adult CLIL in practice from annefox.eu At our very first meeting of the M-HOUSE project when the partners were discussing the detail of how we were going to offer a course in transferring household skills into a business context, one of the partners observed that a selling point would be that it would improve your […]

Apr 172015
A culture of poverty

It takes a lot to persuade people these days to spend more than four minutes on a video and yet I am suggesting that you spend 64 minutes on this talk. For me this was the most powerful IATEFL2015 plenary (though Kuchah Kuchah’s comes a close second). What shines through this story is faith in people. […]

Apr 092015
IATEFL Manchester Online

I’ll be attending this year’s IATEFL conference in Manchester, giving a talk on Tuesday about the M-HOUSE project and attempting to blog a couple or so articles as I signed up to be an IATEFL Blogger. It’s a huge event and I shall be especially interested in sessions on intercultural matters (for the next podcast […]

Mar 102015
Unleash your inner entrepreneur!

Free online course 9th April-21st July If you are running a household somewhere in Europe and wondering how far that experience could take you in a business of your own then why not sign up to the free M-HOUSE course, Business Skills Explorer? All you need to do is write a short email by March […]

Aug 142013
Simple English please!

This sign spotted on a Czech train, which does the Prague-Copenhagen run regularly, reminded me that native English speakers have a responsibility to use simple English especially in this case which relates to an emergency situation when a non-native English speaker might not be thinking clearly. Why not “Do not go in the direction of […]

Mar 042013
Simple English now!

This is a plea for the mindful use of simple English. I recently had a short assignment which was called English teaching but in reality turned out to be a very tough assignment not really concerned with learning English. The clients were a local professional company which offers services to local businesses in my part […]

Dec 062012
Mobile English

Here are two interesting trends: 1.    Many countries in Europe and beyond expect much public sector activity to happen digitally within a very short time. Eg 2014 in Denmark and 2016 in the UK. This means that even mundane activities such as registering a change of address, registering your child for school, paying your taxes […]

Sep 122012
Teaching English in rural China

There is a shortage of qualified Chinese teachers in rural areas because trained Chinese teachers will prefer the higher salary and better facilities of an urban area. The gap year solution is one way of giving rural children the opportunity to learn English which is fast becoming essential in China. But what would it be […]

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