Bangladeshi migrants
While mobile devices are frowned on in some contexts, in others they are the ONLY option for delivering learning. Mike Solly from the UK’s Open University described how migrant workers from Bangladesh spend long periods, usually in the Middle East but also South Korea and elsewhere, working to send remittances to […]

Not just language

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Adult CLIL in practice from annefox.eu At our very first meeting of the M-HOUSE project when the partners were discussing the detail of how we were going to offer a course in transferring household skills into a business context, one of the partners observed that a selling point would be […]

Is M-HOUSE a CLIL course?

I’ll be attending this year’s IATEFL conference in Manchester, giving a talk on Tuesday about the M-HOUSE project and attempting to blog a couple or so articles as I signed up to be an IATEFL Blogger. It’s a huge event and I shall be especially interested in sessions on intercultural […]

IATEFL Manchester Online

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There is a shortage of qualified Chinese teachers in rural areas because trained Chinese teachers will prefer the higher salary and better facilities of an urban area. The gap year solution is one way of giving rural children the opportunity to learn English which is fast becoming essential in China. […]

Teaching English in rural China