Internationalisation of education does not just have to happen at institutional level; it can happen at local government level and there was a wonderful example of this at the recent conference (in Danish) on internationalisation in Copenhagen last week. The municipality of Aalborg wants nothing less than to be the best […]

Internationalisation: not just for teachers

Key Action 1 Erasmus+ proposals must be based on an internationalisation plan. This means that your institution needs a plan about how it will internationalise or Europeanise, before funding can be granted for specific projects. In my last post I mentioned that this was primarily as a way of improving quality in […]

Why internationalisation?

I am looking for partners to join me on a new MOOC which started today. If you are interested in how to help educational organisations develop their internationalisation (or a European Development Plan for EU funding) then it would be great to work with you. This is a 11 week […]

Let’s make a European plan!

One way of widening the cultural lens of your students is to go out and meet new cultures. This need not mean costly and time-consuming travel abroad though that is probably the most valuable intercultural experience. Sometimes this can mean just a focused outing in the local area. Most urban […]

Go out!