Mar 102015
Unleash your inner entrepreneur!

Free online course 9th April-21st July If you are running a household somewhere in Europe and wondering how far that experience could take you in a business of your own then why not sign up to the free M-HOUSE course, Business Skills Explorer? All you need to do is write a short email by March […]

Feb 052015
Collaboration across borders

Global Ed Con: Promoting collaboration across borders from What are the challenges involved in promoting collaboration online across borders? This is an issue in the two European projects I am currently a partner in at the moment. I presented the projects and some of the more pressing issues at the Global Education Conference in […]

Jan 162015
Online facilitation: Best practice

          I just received this email from two new online tutors: Could you please give us some best practice. We start today and maybe we should take care of something specially. My response: I am starting a second iteration of a well-established course on training online moderators in the role of tutor […]

Jan 062015
Free book on online learning

Every cloud has a silver lining so they say. My websites were mostly out of action in the last quarter of 2014 and so I started blogging on Linked In on the theme of Online Learning. This was well received but I haven’t found the secret of how to conveniently refer to Linked In posts. […]

Dec 142014

Since I went freelance in 2010 most of my work in European projects has been on the issue of monitoring quality of the online course that we are developing. So I thought I would wrap up this tour of online learning with a few observations on how this has been done. Tracking quality should be […]

Dec 062014
Designing an Online Course

How do you go about developing an online course? As with any formal guided learning path, the starting point should always be the learning outcomes. What will your students be able to do as a result of the course? There are many ways of determining how outcomes will be met. Here are four: 1. In […]

Nov 132014

In the M-HOUSE project we are targeting home-based adults to explore the business skills they have from their experience of running a household over many years. In the same way that reframing the work of hotel attendants as exercise actually helped them to lose weight, we hope that reframing the often-undervalued work of running a […]

Nov 122014
What online learning looks like

When we ask content experts to design online learning, the default course will look something like this: Content (article, book, video lecture) + Test (quiz or essay) Content (article, book, video lecture) + Test (quiz or essay) Content (article, book, video lecture) + Test (quiz or essay) Content (article, book, video lecture) + Test (quiz […]

Nov 022014
Is online learning any good?

I had an online student once who told me at the beginning of a 20-week online course that eLearning was clearly going to be an inferior experience compared to face-to-face learning. Many people feel that way, partly because for most people eLearning is unknown whereas they have been doing face-to-face learning since they were 5 […]

Oct 252014

M-HOUSE course Part 2 How do you transform an idea into an actual online module? There are many ways of doing this but below I can share the process we went through recently in the M-HOUSE project as we prepared our online course for its first pilot run starting in November 2014. The aim of […]