Oct 222014

We (the M-HOUSE project) still have a few places on our free online course starting next week for people running a household and thinking of how their household skills might be able to transfer to a business context. Contact me directly either in a message or as a comment to this post if you would […]

Jul 142014
RSCON5: Have Erasmus+, will travel

Thanks to RSCON5 for allowing me to present the outline of the new Erasmus+ program which allows teachers, trainers and others involved in education and training to be funded to attend residential courses in the EU. The recording of the 25 minute session is here. And my slides are below:   Have Erasmus+, will travel […]

May 212014
Promoting entrepreneurship

How to promote entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in employees and graduates? Challenges: How to promote graduate workplace skills How to promote knowledge transfer between business and higher education? Could a course in entrepreneurship getting students and companies working together on business plans help? And what is the best way of developing this? In the FLITE project […]

Feb 202014
Learning Designer

Since I am a partner in two projects planning to design short online courses I was interested to try out a new tool last week, the Learning Designer.  This was introduced through a short sharp MOOC, the International Learning Design Challenge, which was over in a week! The Learning Design tool makes the planning of […]

Dec 102013
Course Building Tools

Click on images for larger versions. What choices are available for building a Knowledge Building course on entrepreneurial skills? For an online learning event or process focused on promoting entrepreneurial skills it seems logical to plan this using structured or staged self-directed learning (SSDL), including elements of Knowledge Building (KB). Are there any tools available […]

Dec 092013
The SSDL Paradox

(Click on images to enlarge) In the dCCDFLITE project, our aim is to develop a course that promotes entrepreneurial skills by bringing together IT students and technical employees to work together on identifying an innovative idea as a business plan. We will develop the course using dCCD. We will also introduce participants to CCD as […]

Dec 052013
CCD for start-ups

Are you in the middle of an IT degree? Or working in a technical department with a feeling that something could be done more efficiently? Would you like to learn how to build a business plan around your idea? The new Erasmus project, code-named dCCD FLITE, will be offering a free 8-week online course in […]

Sep 302013
Becoming more intercultural

My main takeaway from the recent SIETAR Congress in the wonderful city of Tallinn in Estonia: Society is a human construct which needs active intervention and facilitation (orchestration) to survive. Multiculturalism goes against ancient instincts based on tribalism, suspicion of the other etc in order to survive. So far, governments and other agencies have facilitated multiculturalism […]

Jun 102013
MOOCifying an existing course

Could the UniKey course be a MOOC? A great deal has been written in the last few months about MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses and I have tried a few. It’s one thing though to talk about existing MOOCs and quite another to take an existing course and try to MOOCify it. How would one […]

Apr 252013
Win a free trip!

If you fancy an all-expenses paid trip to Brussels in September then why not try the X Challenge, a competition in which you carry out a series of challenges which give you a taster of the popular Unikey ‘Unleash your Business Potential’ online course? There were many more would-be participants than places on the latest […]