Teaching Culture

Denmark is lucky to have a unique learning environment for adults in its folk high schools. This is very difficult to describe to foreigners. Essentially they are boarding schools for adults, where students mostly go of their own volition out of an interest for the subject as well as the […]

Immersive language courses: an expensive indulgence?

Before they were migrants, they were people. At the conference (link in Danish) in Odense on May 12th, Global conflicts – local challenges, New citizens, training and workplace integration, there was an economic overview. You would expect the children of migrants to do better than their parents. They should learn Danish as their […]

Is language enough for inclusion?

Global conflicts – local challenges New citizens, training and workplace integration Although Denmark has not received as many asylum seekers as Germany and Sweden, it still has a sizeable number who go on to become recognised refugees and who must then be helped to make a life for themselves in […]

Diversity as an asset