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Coaching, course development and facilitation

I can support learning in several contexts:

Online and blended course development (often through EU projects)

Intercultural communication in the classroom/training room

English for the workplace and study (including IELTS & TOEFL)


Courses I tutor


Approaches to Conflict:

Discover what leads to conflict and an approach to solving one to one conflicts. This short course is available for free and was one of the modules developed by the M-HOUSE project as part of a course to uncover the entrepreneurial skills of everyday life. An adapted version to cater for culturally responsive teaching will shortly be available. Fill in the form below to get a log-in.

Coaching techniques:

This short-format online-course will introduce you to some helpful coaching techniques. These techniques can be applied in online and face-to-face training, as a leadership strategy and in the management of intercultural project teams. The three unit course includes SMART goals setting, questioning techniques,  and feedback techniques and is meant as an introduction to some basic coaching-tools. The workload will be about 2-3 hours per module. Sign up here.

Blended, online


Depending on your location I can offer a blend of online and face to face coaching.

One to one coaching to get the results you are aiming for. Find out more here.

Thanks a lot. I will suggest you as a teacher to my friends that will need to study English. You are really a good teacher! Federico

Face to face

Workplace English

I have helped people at all levels in companies such as SCA, Terma, VESTAS, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Adidas and Arhus airport improve their English for work purposes. Contact me for a tailormade programme.

How to mentor international interns and staff:

Hosting an international trainee is an opportunity for the tutor/entrepreneur to gain experience inhuman resource management. In other words, besides teaching, the tutor/entrepreneur can also learn orimprove soft skills, by learning to coach and motivate, learning to delegate tasks and giving constructive feedback, improving communication and mediation skills and approaching intercultural issues. A good way of properly taking advantage of this opportunity is to test and self-evaluate your own human resources management capabilities. Sign up here.

Intensive seminars

I have facilitated workshops for international groups of university students in Ireland, Lithuania and Germany through over 12 intensive seminars lasting from 3-15 days.


I have tutored many courses at The Consultants-E including Podcasts, E-networks, WebQuests and the Certificate in using Technology in Language Teaching. Most recently I have been tutoring their 4-week online e-moderation course.

Teaching Culture

A 5 day residential course which may be eligible for EU funding under the Erasmus+ KA1 programme. What is your teaching culture like? Can you teach culture? Read more…

Teacher Action Learning

Since 2012, I have coached the 7 month Connected Learner Experience using Appreciative Inquiry coaching, helping small teams of teachers fix on and carry out a joint action learning project. This is through Powerful Learning Practice.

Turistengelsk online

Få mere ud af Turistengelsk bogen med online undervisning fra forfatterne. Vi bruger dine timer til blandt andet at

  • tale om kapitlets billeder
  • læse og tale om teksten
  • forklare nye ord, udtryk osv.
  • lave dialogøvelser
  • give råd til forbedringer
  • forberede dig på en eventuel rejse

Du kan selvfølgelig vælge at gennemføre timerne alene med en lærer, men det er sjovere og mere lærerigt at være flere. Der kan være op til 3 kursister i klassen. Mere…

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