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Over the years I have made several short screencasts explaining various digital tools.
Podcasting for freelancers
This is a 30 minute edited version of a workshop I did at the SIETAR Congress, Tallinn, Estonia in September 2013

Inserting images in Google Docs

Re-sizing with FotoFlexer

Audio settings
What to do if your online audio recording isn’t working. I am assuming that you have checked that the mike is properly connected and so on. This example shows Voicethread but this goes for any online service using Macromedia.

How to translate text, web pages, single words and password protected sites.


Working with Voxopop


How to get the lame-enc.dll file


How to embed video

How to add a hyperlink


How to add delicious bookmarklets to Firefox


How to meet up in WiZiQ

PowerPoint 2007

How to make a multiple choice question quiz

Word 2007

How to hyperlink a word

How to insert a table

How to insert an image

How to add a comment