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Culture basics for adult educators

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Getting the most out of a diverse adult classroom

As society becomes more diverse, the job of the adult education teacher includes a need to be aware of the different cultures in the room. Awareness of your own culture and those of your students will help you better to understand their expectations and norms as well as ways of widening your teaching repertoire.

This short 3-week course will introduce participants to


  • basic concepts of culture
  • cultural dimensions
  • stereotypes and their effect in the classroom
  • dialogue as a tool for understanding
  • tasks to promote self-awareness

Next course start early 2017. $75 Buy

Control your hot button issues

The diverse classroom is likely to include people with very diverse opinions on a range of topics. We all have issues and situations which make us instantly angry; so-called hot button issues. In this short course you will learn more about

  • why some anger is instinctive
  • how to deal with other people’s hot button issues
  • the importance of core values
  • two case studies
  • how to work with your own hot button issue(s)

Next course start early 2017



Approaches to conflict

Discover what leads to conflict and an approach to solving one to one conflicts.

This short course is one of the modules developed by the M-HOUSE project as part of a course to uncover the entrepreneurial skills of everyday life. The module has been adapted to cater for culturally responsive teaching.


IELTS/TOEFL preparation

Are you preparing for IELTS or TOEFL? One to one sessions preparing for the test. This is not language teaching. You will prepare for each class by completing sample test questions and we will use the sessions to discuss where you are on the grading rubric and how to improve. We start with a diagnostic session where I find out your language level and how much you know about the test you want to take. Course starts flexible The first session is free. Live coaching sessions will be $30 an hour. Buy

EU: In or Out?

Polls seem to indicate that voters in the UK referendum on whether to stay in the EU do not feel well-informed about the issues so this course is an attempt to remedy that. Course outline Over 5 weeks we will look at


  • What are the issues?
  • Transparency, accountability and democracy in the EU
  • Trade
  • People & immigration
  • Wrap-up: Head or heart, where are you now?

We will be using dialogue techniques in the first week to find out what your concerns are regarding the EU and exploring these in the context of three main areas over the following three weeks.

At the end of the course, you will create an online product (image, quiz, video, slides etc) that shows what you have learned about the EU.

There will be a live session in each of the five weeks.
We will not be covering every last detail about the EU and in fact will only have time to cover the basics but you will have an opportunity to follow up on those areas you find most interesting by using the additional information sources provided as a starting point. Course started May 16


Start your own podcast

Let me guide you through the process of starting your own podcast. Over the three weeks we will be looking at 1. Potential topics and techniques for getting your recordings. 2. Preparing your recordings for publishing 3. Publishing and marketing You will be podcasting as you go. Next course starts early 2017 $25 Buy