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Prof E Sus update

The TPACK model has proved useful in the past to show the interaction between pedagogy, content and digital technology tools. It can be used constructively as a framework for planning and it can also help to rebut accusations that technology is driving advice about teaching. In the context of helping […]

Is there a sustainabilityTPACK?

To achieve a sustainable perspective you have to look far beyond individual lesson plans. This is the conclusion I have come to while looking for examples of best practice for the Prof E Sus project where we are developing a teacher training course to help hospitality trainers imbue their teaching […]

Learning sustainably

In the last post I illustrated an example of a case study focusing on one specific topic, the running of Restaurant Moment, a unique gastronomical experiment in Denmark. In fact that segment was part of a much longer interview which I present in its entirety here. There will be some […]

Restaurant Moment: a case study in sustainability

In the last post I presented an argument for using case studies to promote sustainable work practices in guest-oriented  vocational training. In this post I will share an example of how to make sustainable staff competences come to life through the use of a case study. Context Morten Storm Overgaard’s […]

Staff competences in a sustainable setting

One of the main challenges with promoting sustainability is the relative scarcity of real world examples. At least that is the perception. By confronting your students with someone else’s everyday reality, then it’s easier to convince your students that they should be adopting these practices too. So one big advantage […]

The case study approach in sustainability

Implementing a sustainable mindset – Innovative Teacher Story Have you ever wondered how cold Finland really is in mid-January? Then here is your chance to find out by attending a free 2-day conference and workshop event 16-17th January in 2018. If you are a vocational teacher or trainer in the field […]

Meet us in Finland!

One of the foundations of promoting a sustainable approach is to ensure that sustainability is embedded as a mindset as explained  by Jamie Cloud of the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education in the video below. But how do you promote a mindset? Here’s a suggestion for introducing the idea, first […]

Sustainability bingo

The Prof E Sus project’s main aim is to promote a sustainable mindset in vocational students. What does that involve? And doesn’t that sound a little sinister? Brainwashing perhaps? Or is it what education (literally to bring out) should have been about all the time? Promoting mindsets is popular in […]

Changing mindsets

Below is a sample exercise for the ProfESus course “Be my Sustainable Guest” which would be part of an online unit exploring the potential for Futures Thinking.

Visioning exercise