I was honoured to be asked to share as part of Connecting Online 2017 during which I gave an overview of the Prof E Sus project about how we are planning to prepare vocational teachers of guest-oriented jobs to help their students have a more sustainable mindset. You can flick […]

Connecting Online 2017

It may seem odd but it looks as though there is a shortage of examples of how to apply the SAMR model to a course that is already fully online. Perhaps people think that because the course is 100% online then it must be reaching the full potential of what […]

SAMR online

Modelling sustainable behaviour is a powerful strategy for affecting those around you. Listen to Diana Solovyova from eastern Russia as she talks about three different aspects of being sustainable. As a professional ornithologist who does extensive fieldwork in the tundra and elsewhere, she is only too aware of the effects […]

Modelling sustainability

In my last post I painted a rather bleak picture of where we are now in terms of sustainability (two and a half minutes away from the midnight of catastrophe to be exact). So what is to be done? Can anything be done? What can one individual or organisation do […]

The goal of EfS in vocational skill training

Why has the EU co-financed a project to develop a blended training course for teachers in vocational skills? There are two parts to this question. Why education for sustainability? Why education for sustainability in vocational skills? Why education for sustainability? Scientists just moved the doomsday clock half a second closer […]

Why sustainable vocational education?

Come to Bonn, Germany to learn more about green pedagogy and share your experiences. This free 2-day event will take place 18-19 January and you can register up to January 10th 2017. The International Federation for Home Economics which is headquartered in Bonn is putting on this event which is […]

Green pedagogy Idea Xchange: Free 2-day event, Bonn

Some European universities are much more pro-active about internationalisation than others and I have a feeling that German universities are in general more proactive in this than HE institutions in other EU countries. The Managing Cultural Diversity seminar which I have just returned from is just one prong in a […]

Managing Cultural Diversity

Many use their household skills as the basis for a home-based business. It could be a Bed and Breakfast, with or without AirBnB. It could be the manufacture and sale of country food grown on their own land. It could also be a farm market or a small cafe in […]

Sustainable home-based business

This book caught my eye based on the title alone “The Big Book of Conflict Resolution Games: Quick, Effective Activities to Improve Communication, Trust and Collaboration” (Big Book Series) by Mary Scannell. The book is not aimed at the adult education sector nor the intercultural communication sector. So once again, […]

Using games in conflict resolution

In the last few posts I have been exploring different facets about how to resolve conflict in the diverse adult education classroom. This mainly revolves around taking the intercultural aspects into consideration such as tolerance for ambiguity and the role of the teacher (leader) in the classroom. This post is […]

Don’t forget the classic tools