Online Learning

Online Learning
Online Learning

“Online learning: Lessons learned from developing, tutoring and monitoring online courses”, Fox, Anne 2014

Available as an Apple iBook and as a PDF.

Why this book?
I have worked on several international projects which tend to bring together a varied group of people who have had different amounts of experience with developing and running online courses. My role in the projects has usually been that of quality assurance and monitoring. This book explains the picture I have in my head when I am thinking about an effective online learning experience.
The experiences described have also come from my work as an online tutor
with The Consultants-E , as Danish ambassador for the Campus NooA online learning portal and as an online coach of teacher teams for the action research course offered by Powerful Learning Practice. Many of the examples come from my two current projects, M-HOUSE and dCCD FLITE.
This book collates many of the issues which have arisen regarding online
learning and its implementation.

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