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Socratic learning
A conversation I need to practice is the one about interaction in online courses being key. I obviously have not yet got it right because I too often end up in the position where I appear to be downgrading the importance of content. How does this happen? I am not […]

Content as launch pad?

Going mobile book cover 1
It is getting harder to find How To sessions devoted to specific digital tools at IATEFL compared to previous years. I guess that this is because digital tools are becoming more mainstream. So the mood is moving more towards implementation at an institutional level. The good people at The Consultants-E, […]

Implementing mobile

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          I just received this email from two new online tutors: Could you please give us some best practice. We start today and maybe we should take care of something specially. My response: I am starting a second iteration of a well-established course on training online moderators […]

Online facilitation: Best practice

In the M-HOUSE project we are targeting home-based adults to explore the business skills they have from their experience of running a household over many years. In the same way that reframing the work of hotel attendants as exercise actually helped them to lose weight, we hope that reframing the […]

Creating an Online Task

Learning Tool Palette
When I started tutoring the online version of the Certificate for Teaching Languages with Technology for The Consultants-E in 2010, it was fairly simple in terms of tool choice. For each digital task there were two or three mainstream tools to choose from and they were PC-based. Wiki/ Wikispaces, Pbwiki, […]

Digital tool choice

The Consultants-E
The Consultants-E is offering a scholarship to enable one person living and working in a developing country (as defined by the World Bank) to take their e-moderation skills course starting in October free of charge. What is e-moderation? It’s the skill of guiding students through online learning activity whether that […]

E-moderation skills scholarship