One of the first products released by the ProfESus project will be a collection of resources that can help teacher trainers to set up similar teacher training courses for teachers of vocational skills. This consists of two parts. The first part is a booklet of the basic principles of sustainability in […]

Resources for EfS in vocational training

Second in my series of sample tasks for a teacher training to help teachers of guest-oriented vocational skills infuse their teaching with more sustainable approaches. This task is proposed for the end of the course when participants are about to go their separate ways. The main aim is to get […]

An arrow to the future

Sample task for a teacher training targeted at teachers of guest-oriented vocational skills (food preparation, maintaining cleanliness and textile care). Aims: to anticipate some of the most frequent questions about shifting to a sustainability mindset to add and adapt to a template FAQ to discuss ESD with stakeholders and colleagues […]

Building an ESD trainer FAQ

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them The quote often attributed to Einstein perfectly explains why it is the mindset which needs to be targeted if we want our students of guest-oriented vocational skills to act more sustainably. Put another […]

Sustainability mindset 101

There’s a great deal of talk in educational circles about mindset at the moment, mostly directed at nurturing a growth mindset. But when you set out to intentially promote a certain mindset, it quickly becomes clear that it is very difficult to observe a particular mindset and even more difficult […]

Recognising a sustainable mindset

It is a cultural feature in Denmark that it is difficult to become part of the existing social networks. On the other hand, there is a great deal of goodwill from many Danes to help, especially refugees. The problem when you are a foreigner (including refugee) is that it is […]

Meet your neighbour

I have been experimenting with LOOPY as a way of showing a system. My chosen system is project work. Therefore the animation below shows that a finite project grant stock is given to the project coordinator. Then three partners get fractions of that grant depending on the amount of time […]

Systems thinking

Why and how are we using case studies in the ProfESus project? You can see the recording of my Global Ed Con session on this topic here. The slides are below. The power of case studies in promoting a sustainable mindset from Anne Fox Solve it or discover it! I […]

The Power of Case Studies

I will shortly be leading an exercise on the theme of learning. I have come up with the following essential questions about learning. Wondering if this is a good collection and whether I am missing something. Essential questions 1. How do we promote fact-based learning? Whose facts? Or is fake […]

Essential questions about learning

Jonathon Porritt: If you can do something forever, it’s sustainable and if you can’t then it isn’t! During the Rethink Activism event in Aarhus in September I took part in an interesting backcasting exercise facilitated by a consortium of voluntary organisations that are willing to come out to businesses to […]

From 17 to 5: a backcasting strategy

A key theme of the Education for Sustainable Development seminar in Copenhagen in October was the idea of transgressive learning or transgressive actions. The verb to transgress has many negative associations for me. I see it as part of the discourse of sinning in religion for example. So the idea […]

Transgressive learning