Attending the Skolemesse (Schools Exhibition) in Aarhus last Thursday I was struck by the explosion of books in the exhibition hall. Danish teachers have had their preparation time reduced in the most recent education reform. Yes! Danish school teachers are used to having designated preparation time. What seems to have happened […]

Automating teaching in Denmark

This is a great example of how to teach without a coursebook. Sometimes called Dogme but always working with emergent language. The lesson plan comes at the end as a summary and is used as a springboard to the next lesson and there is a lovely bit at the end […]

What does a materials-lite course look like?

Hey! How much do you like our podcast? Do you think we might deserve an award? For the last ten years of great insight and information into cultures around the world and how you can get the best out of your intercultural encounters? If your answer is YES! Then please […]

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I am including this 30-minute talk debunking the myth of learning styles because many of the teachers I deal with in teacher training believe that learning styles exist and I have tended only not to agree rather than to actively disagree. It is disappointing to find learning styles included in […]

Public service announcement: Learning styles

What does integration mean? Without a common understanding of this, is it possible to devise a valid and meaningful test? In this panel debate we heard examples of completely inappropriate test items requiring respondents to describe in the target language how things are done “in your own country” even though […]

Barrier or Badge?

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On June 24th my life could get immeasurably more complicated and uncertain if the referendum on whether to stay in the European Union goes in the wrong direction. As a British immigrant who has lived in Denmark for over 23 years I do not have a vote since that right […]

Look on the bright side

Someone asked me an interesting question recently: Why do you think there is so little take up of blended learning in UK  universities? And that the little that there is, is so bad? The short answer is I don’t know. The long answer needs to start by defining blended learning and […]

How much blended learning?

Invited as a guest to Franklin Yartey’s intercultural class in Dubuque, we agreed on the topic of the refugee crisis as manifest in Denmark.

Taking sides

When I learned about personas recently I thought this is so obvious, why haven’t we done this before? But often the best ideas are the ones that seem obvious after the fact. The idea of building up a description of one or more users can have several applications. I see […]

Personas: what are they good for?

Yes, it’s been ten years and 200 shows! The latest Absolutely Intercultural show marks ten years of podcasting about intercultural matters! And the above audio is a five and a half minute summary of the full 27 minute show which you can find on the Absolutely Intercultural website. We started […]

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