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If you would like some tips on online moderation then you may want to download the book ‘Online Learning’ while it is still free. Every cloud has a silver lining so they say. My websites were mostly out of action in the last quarter of 2014 and so I started […]

Free book on online learning

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I just joined Zaretta Hammond‘s Facebook group (author of CRT & the brain) and she pointed me to an article in the Irish Times about the need for CRT in schools there. The article describes the need for culturally responsive teaching given the dedicated but homogeneous cohort of staff in […]

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Although this one relates to school rather than adult education, the case of the clock that a teacher thought was a bomb illustrates many aspects of the need for culturally responsive teaching. Is an image worth 1000 words? The first point to be made is that it is dangerous to […]

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Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain: Promoting Authentic Engagement and Rigor among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students This is a book by Zaretta Hammond which was published this year by Corwin Press and is an excellent reference even for those of us working in adult education. Hammond takes us through […]

CRT & the brain

Thanks to everyone who attended my session on culturally responsive teaching yesterday as part of the Fall Blog Festival. It wasn’t easy to enter the webinar room so if you missed it, the 30 minute recording is below: One of the most powerful things that came out of the session […]

CRT Webinar

Meet me at the Fall Blog Festival where I will be exploring what culturally responsive teaching (CRT) is and why we need to address the issue in our classrooms (from K12 to adult). Find out what CRT requires of the teacher and a few of the practical approaches you can […]

Fall Blog Festival

I am looking for partners to join me on a new MOOC which started today. If you are interested in how to help educational organisations develop their internationalisation (or a European Development Plan for EU funding) then it would be great to work with you. This is a 11 week […]

Let’s make a European plan!

Why would you want to involve others in an already culturally diverse classroom? In the last podcast I gave a shout out to Global Collaboration Day (GCD)on September 17th. This is a new initiative but follows in the footsteps of others such as Skype in the Classroom, Flat Classroom (now […]

Global Collaboration Day

Cooperative Learning or CL is one strategy that has been adapted for intercultural groups of adults here in Denmark. CL is based on the premise that all of us are better than one of us and that in turn is based on research showing the effectiveness of group learning from […]

CRT & Cooperative learning

One way of widening the cultural lens of your students is to go out and meet new cultures. This need not mean costly and time-consuming travel abroad though that is probably the most valuable intercultural experience. Sometimes this can mean just a focused outing in the local area. Most urban […]

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Part of the argument in favour of empathy is that we are born empathetic creatures. However there are also other forces acting in the opposite direction. These lead to stereotyping as a sort of default behaviour when we don’t know anything else about the person or people standing in front […]

Stereotyping: just lazy thinking?