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If you would like some tips on online moderation then you may want to download the book ‘Online Learning’ while it is still free. Every cloud has a silver lining so they say. My websites were mostly out of action in the last quarter of 2014 and so I started […]

Free book on online learning

Culture is based on shared values. Values are the invisible glue that binds cultures together. You can argue that deep down, most humans share the same values. This is the universalist view of culture and is the strategy often used by teachers to try and find what binds their class together. […]

Values: The glue of culture

[For water, read culture.] We all have a culture and this affects our expectations about how life happens, what is right and wrong and what constitutes normal behaviour (“how we do things around here”). The point is that there is no one correct world view but that we all, without […]

Why fish don’t feel water

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Culturally responsive teaching can be many things. Content The most obvious starting point is looking at the subject you teach. You can find the intercultural angle of whatever subject you are teaching though some are easier than others. Cooking and languages for example include intercultural aspects almost without effort, though […]

What does culturally responsive teaching look like?

The term culturally responsive teaching (CRT) originates from the US and addresses mainly teachers in K12 school situations.  Here the aim is to increase motivation by making sure that every child feels valued and included. A great deal of the US focus is on closing the divide between black and white and […]

What is culturally responsive teaching?

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The Teaching Culture course will help teachers of adults get more out of their students by recognising the additional potential that those with varied cultural backgrounds bring to the room. One of the basic aims of the course will be about how to increase student motivation through culturally responsive teaching. […]

Culturally Responsive Teaching: A framework

The growing migrant crisis in Europe reminds me of an earlier wave. In the early 80s I was a teacher at a local vocational college in central Wales and as part of the enrichment programme, had offered to set up a student newspaper. In amongst the make-up tips and rockband […]

Goodbye home country

I have noticed that there are basically two types of learning and these are either rule-driven or curiosity-driven. Most learning in our education systems seems to be rule-driven and failure in this type of learning happens when the student does not know (or ignores) the rules. My daughter asked me to […]

Learning: rule-driven or curiosity-driven?

    Once all the piloting is done, the M-HOUSE project intends to make its course materials freely available. One of the constant elements in each of the 8 modules is a video introduction. The course modules are shown in the table below and where the module title is linked […]

M-HOUSE: YouTube intros

While it may be very exciting to hear about new tech applications or about initiatives in far-flung parts of the world or even about ground-breaking pedagogical approaches, there will always be a place for learning more about the bread and butter of TEFL, ie teaching English, or, in this case, […]

IELTS nuts and bolts

Socratic learning
A conversation I need to practice is the one about interaction in online courses being key. I obviously have not yet got it right because I too often end up in the position where I appear to be downgrading the importance of content. How does this happen? I am not […]

Content as launch pad?