Teaching a sustainable mindset – for future-thinking professionals in guest-oriented businesses What? You explore the pedagogies that can help you build a sustainable mindset in your students. Help your students uncover sustainable work routines in their chosen career. The ProfEsus blended learning course held over 5 months with both face to […]

Free course: teaching a sustainable mindset

Implementing a sustainable mindset – Innovative Teacher Story Have you ever wondered how cold Finland really is in mid-January? Then here is your chance to find out by attending a free 2-day conference and workshop event 16-17th January in 2018. If you are a vocational teacher or trainer in the field […]

Meet us in Finland!

One of the first products released by the ProfESus project will be a collection of resources that can help teacher trainers to set up similar teacher training courses for teachers of vocational skills. This consists of two parts. The first part is a booklet of the basic principles of sustainability in […]

Resources for EfS in vocational training

I have been experimenting with LOOPY as a way of showing a system. My chosen system is project work. Therefore the animation below shows that a finite project grant stock is given to the project coordinator. Then three partners get fractions of that grant depending on the amount of time […]

Systems thinking

Why and how are we using case studies in the ProfESus project? You can see the recording of my Global Ed Con session on this topic here. The slides are below. The power of case studies in promoting a sustainable mindset from Anne Fox Solve it or discover it! I […]

The Power of Case Studies

I will shortly be leading an exercise on the theme of learning. I have come up with the following essential questions about learning. Wondering if this is a good collection and whether I am missing something. Essential questions 1. How do we promote fact-based learning? Whose facts? Or is fake […]

Essential questions about learning

Jonathon Porritt: If you can do something forever, it’s sustainable and if you can’t then it isn’t! During the Rethink Activism event in Aarhus in September I took part in an interesting backcasting exercise facilitated by a consortium of voluntary organisations that are willing to come out to businesses to […]

From 17 to 5: a backcasting strategy

A key theme of the Education for Sustainable Development seminar in Copenhagen in October was the idea of transgressive learning or transgressive actions. The verb to transgress has many negative associations for me. I see it as part of the discourse of sinning in religion for example. So the idea […]

Transgressive learning

In the previous post I concluded that Education for Sustainability had to be transformative in order to be effective. In the Prof E Sus project we have planned a blended learning solution with two weeks of face to face training punctuated by 12 weeks of online learning. Can online learning […]

Can online learning be transformative?

Education for sustainability works best when it is transformational. Why? Because sustainability implies long-term embedded changes in behaviour. The two cases I have recently presented show this very clearly. Restaurant Moment, the sustainable restaurant in rural Denmark, can only work as an example for sustainability when all the staff buy into […]

Transformation please

The first newsletter of the Prof E Sus project is available now. Find out about products we have produced the free multiplier event in Finland in January 2018 the pilot course that starts in February and ends in June our Quality Board In English Newsletter_1_corr In German Newsletter_1_german

Prof E Sus update

The TPACK model has proved useful in the past to show the interaction between pedagogy, content and digital technology tools. It can be used constructively as a framework for planning and it can also help to rebut accusations that technology is driving advice about teaching. In the context of helping […]

Is there a sustainabilityTPACK?

To achieve a sustainable perspective you have to look far beyond individual lesson plans. This is the conclusion I have come to while looking for examples of best practice for the Prof E Sus project where we are developing a teacher training course to help hospitality trainers imbue their teaching […]

Learning sustainably